Princess Pocahontas

Princess Pocahontas (1595-1617) was a Red Indian princess, daughter of a powerful chief. She intervened to save the life of Captain John Smith, leader of the British Colony of Virginia. In his reports to Queen Anne, Smith claimed that Pocahontas had done more than anyone else to save the colony from "death, famine and utter confusion". In 1613 she converted to Christianity, baptised, and given the name Rebecca. Shortly afterwards she married another colonist, John Rolfe, who brought her to England in 1616, where, she was received by Queen Anne, Wife of James I.

Becoming ill, she was returning to Virginia, but died on board ship off Gravesend. Her body was rowed ashore from a nearby ship, the "George". She was buried in the chancel of the old St. George's Church at Gravesend, without any ceremony or fuss.

The present St. George's Church dates from 1731. The previous church was destroyed in the town fire of 1727.


Her statue was unveiled in 1958 by the Governor of Virginia and is located in the grounds of St. George's Church. It is identical to one standing in Jamestown, Virginia, U.S.A.