Bronze Age Barrow

This Bronze Age "Bowl Barrow" dates from between 1500-1100 BC. It is located just inside Shoulder of Mutton Wood,Wouldham,South of Rochester. The burial mound sits on a high spot in the northern section of the wood,and would have been a prominent landmark in this part of the Medway Valley.

Originally it consisted of a large mound of earth surrounded by a gentle sloping platform or Berm with a 4 metres wide ditch surrounding it,which has now been greatly infilled over the years. The mound is 25 metres in length and 22 metres high,but would have been higher when built. A partial excavation of the site was carried out probably in the 19th century,but no records of this survive.

Illustration of how the Barrow might have looked


The Shoulder of Mutton wood is managed by the Woodland Trust and is open to the general public. The North Downs Way long distance path adjoins the western boundary of the wood as does the Medway Valley Way. As a result despite its rather isolated position the wood is well used. The Trust has created a circular route around the steep southern section.