Chislehurst Caves

Chislehurst Caves are in Chislehurst,which is a Village in the South London Borough of Bromley.The Caves are actually Chalk Mines dug out over thousands of years for the Lime and Flint.

When you heat Chalk it produces Lime,which is the basis for plaster.The Romans used Lime to make Mortar,the present day equivalent of Cement and Concrete.Flint was used during the Stone age for Tools.From 1700 to 1815 Flint was used in Flintlock Muskets used by the British Army.

The Caves are an extensive Maze of Tunnels of 3 main sections that are now called Saxons,Druids and Romans..if each cave was laid out from end to end they would measure over 20 miles."but the actual cave layout is only under part of Chislehurst."

During World War I the Caves were used by Woolwich Arsenal to store Ammunition.Then in World War II the caves were used as vast Air-raid shelters acommodating thousands of people.

There has been numerous other uses of the caves over the centuries,including: Storing smuggled goods,underground garden,Mushroom growing,concerts and Theatrical performances.

Dr Who and Randall and Hopkirk (deceased) have also filmed down here for Television.

A Map of the interlinking Caves.


One of the many passageways in the Caves.


Another section of Cave and a brick support.


A dummy Mining the Caves. (ok mining the Mines lol)


The Deep Roman Well.


A section of ground in the Caves.

A Chapel in the Caves.

And a WWII Church.

All the amenities are down here.They instaled Electric lighting down here during WWII and had Bunk beds and a Canteen.




A reconstruction of the WWII Red Cross Hospital.


WWII Ticket Office for the Caves when thousands flocked here to shelter from the bombings.


The Caves have been a Venue for live music in the 20th Century.The Rolling Stones,The Who and Jimi Hendrix have all played here.