The Cumberland Lines

The Cumberland Lines were a line of Fortifications consisting of brick lined dry ditches,Bastions,Gun Batterries and other Mitary architecture built in the 18th and 19th centuries to defend Chatham Dockyard from a Landward attack. They are sometimes known by the other names: The Great Lines Of Defence,Chatham lines and Brompton lines.

 Most of the lines are on Private land and i DO NOT promote Trespassing on that Land,but recommend you either view the lines from Public accesable land or gain permission from the Land owners.

A great place to see part of the Lines is at Fort Amherst in Chatham.The Fort isn't always open now but check the website for open days,activities and other bookable events.

Here's my Section about the Cumberland Lines:


Bastion Trace Line

Rampart and Dry Ditch

Lines History

19th Century Map

Lower Lines

Napoleonic Listening Post.

Fort Amherst 19th Century

Fort Amherst Tunnels

Grand Siege Operations

World War II

Secrets And Mysteries

The Gallery

Fortification Terms