Rampart And Dry Ditch

Soil dug out from the creation of the Dry ditches were used in the construction of the Rampart and Glacis.

The Parapet was part of the Rampart.it was used for  protection and was steep at the front near the Dry ditch wall and gently sloped on top near the Banquette.

The Banquette was a Firestep where the Soldiers could fire Muskets from.it had a wall to hold back the soil from the Parapet.

The Terre-plein was a level piece of ground below the Banquette where it was safer to move about out of sight from the enemy.

The Glacis was a gentle slope above the counterscarp (enemy side) that sometimes helped to protect a Covered way.

The Covered way was a fire position for small arms on the front edge of the ditch covered in the sense of hidden, not with overhead cover


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