Townsend Redoubt

Townsend Redoubt,part of the original lines was made obselete when the Lines were extended to St Marys Creek.

 By 1819 although still listed as a defensive work it was now being used as a dwelling House.

St Marys Barracks

St Marys Barracks were built between 1807-1812.They were a large red brick casemated blockhouse behind the Demi-Bastions and Curtain Wall opposite the Lower Lines.

They were built to house Troops and contained artillary to arm this section of the lines.

A smaller Blockhouse was built in the Redan next to it.

In the 3rd quarter of the 19th century the barracks became a Factory producing the Brennan Torpedo - Invented in 1873 by Louis Brennan, and a forerunner of all wire-guided weapons. 

Unfortunatly the Barracks were demolished in the 60's.


The New Ravelin

The New Ravelin was built in 1850 as a training exercise by the Royal Engineers,it was built between Prince Henrys Bastion and the Right Demi-Bastion.

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