Siege Tunnels under the Lines?

It has long been known to local people that there may be Tunnels around the Cumberland Lines dug during the Siege Operations. 

A Siege Tunnel is a Tunnel dug to attempt to undermine the fortifications, causing them to collapse. This could be accomplished by digging a tunnel beneath the foundations of the walls, and then deliberately collapsing or exploding the tunnel This process is known as sapping or mining. The defenders could dig counter-tunnels to cut into the attackers' works and collapse them prematurely.

The Great Lines used be a lot bigger and before the 1960's included the area in front of the Kings Bastion(which is now Army housing),this is the area any possible Siege tunnels would have been dug from on this part of the Lines.The Lower Lines(particulaly in the later part of the 19th Century) seemed to be a more popular place to dig any Siege tunnels.

The Drummer Boy

Growing up in the area i heard story's about a Drummer Boy Ghost who supposedly haunts the Fort Amherst Area.I searched the Internet to see if i could find any more information on this but couldn't find any.however,i did find info about a similar ghost who is suppose to haunt Dover Castle:


There are suppose to be other ghosts in Fort Amherst and they sometimes hold Ghost Tours of its Tunnels:

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