HMS WildFire

In 1937 a series of tunnels were excavated in the Counterscarp side of the left demi-Bastion on the Lower Lines.These were used as HQ for the Royal Navy's Nore Command and then by Medway’s Local Command Headquarters (LCHQ).It played an important part in Co-ordinating the North Sea Convoys and plotting enemy and friendly aircraft and shipping during the war.After the War the complex was used by the Navy as a training facility.

The tunnels are "deep" underground and are all Lined.there was a Control Room with a Map table and Gallery,Conference room,Teleprinters rooms,accomodation and various other rooms,offices and stores.The tunnels were equiped with a water system,power supply and mechanical ventillation.

The main entrance was from a building near Medway Road that has now been demolished,the entrance tunnel was long and sloped down to the main tunnels.There was also 2 emergency exit blast doors in the dry ditch which have now been welded shut. 

In 1964 the Tunnels were used by HMS Wildfire a Royal Navy Reserve unit.The Tunnels themselves became known as Wildfire to.

The Tunnels were decomissioned and vacated in the 80's.unfortunatly vandels managed to gain acces to the tunnels and then there was a fire in them that did some damage.Now sealed the tunnels still have some ventilation and other equipment in them and despite the fire some of the tunnels are in reasonably good condition.

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Fort Amherst in WWII

During the War Light Anti-Aircraft guns were installed at strategic points on the lines,some of the Spigot Mortar gun emplacements still remain today,2 in the Kings Bastion and 2 in Prince Williams Bastion (which is now a Tennis Club)there is also 1 on the Great Lines between the War memorial and Fort Amherst.

The ditches themselves Made good Anti-Tank ditches.

On top of the main Magazine in fort Amherst was mounted a Bofors Anti-Aircraft gun which could fire a 2lb shell to the heigth of 6000 feet at a rate of 120 rounds per minute.

The Main Tunnels at Fort Amherst were used by the civil defence for their Medway Headquarters.

Now at Fort Amherst there is a reconstruction of how part of the tunnels would have looked during the War and there is also a Civil Defence Museum of exhibits at the Gaurdhouse.

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